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Letter from the Editor, June 2016

In this issue, Rebecca Palser from the Risk Advisory Group explains how technology can help minimise risk in the compliance process, and what compliance professionals should look out for when selecting a platform.

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In This Issue:

How technology can help minimise risk in the compliance process

Rebecca-Palser-avatarIt will be no surprise to anyone reading this that compliance is becoming increasingly complex. Research conducted by The Risk Advisory Group in late 2015 reveals just how complex, and the impact this is having on compliance professionals. Of those we spoke to, 78% agreed that the sheer complexity of compliance represented a risk in itself. Worryingly, 69 % of respondents said that, as a result, they felt their business was more exposed to risk than it was two years ago.

Part of this risk stems from the way regulatory compliance has evolved. With the appointment of Hui Chen as Compliance Counsel Expert by the Department of Justice late last year, corporates are under even greater pressure to demonstrate in ever-more granular detail that they are meeting their obligations. This requires huge amounts of data collection, organising that data efficiently, and the ability to access it instantly.

One solution is to take advantage of the technology that exists to remove the burden from the compliance teams. A good compliance management tool should alleviate the pressure of day-to-day, routine tasks to give compliance professionals time to think more strategically, and protect their organisation’s reputation more effectively. Continue reading

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