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Extract taken from Fraud: The Counter Fraud Practitioner’s Handbook, edited by Alan Doig

          Future Trends in Fraud A pan-European study of 2,246 employees by Ernst & Young (2009) found that 55 per cent of respondents expected corporate fraud to increase over the next few years: a third because … Continue reading

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Fraud: not just an external threat

Organisations have typically been aware of the fraud risks that come from the outside, such as fraudulent applications, documents or identity crime. The same cannot always be said for the risks faced from within. And yet, fundamentally, the risks are … Continue reading

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Doing business in and with China: Battling a corruption culture by building a compliance culture

Culture of corruption It was during the pause between the main course and dessert that the mild-mannered man sitting next to me, a senior in-house counsel of a US multinational company, suddenly became animated. “It seems as though every deal … Continue reading

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The importance of screening employees for bogus degrees

People who have been to university know how tough it is to get a degree and the amount of work that is required. Employers expect that anyone claiming to have a degree has gone through this demanding process and that … Continue reading

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Book Review: An Introduction to Internet-Based Financial Investigations: Structuring and Resourcing the Search for Hidden Assets and Information by Kimberly Goetz (London: Gower Publishing Limited, 2012)

Impressed with the easy read and the breadth of information in Introduction to Internet-Based Investigations, I found it to be both validating of my own processes and highly educational in regard to areas for improvement.  When I first began my … Continue reading

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Applying financial sector anti-fraud and corruption strategies to football (or soccer – for our US friends)

Despite the bad press the financial sector has received in recent weeks (and months and years), and the general unpopularity the sector faces as a whole, the strong money laundering regulations that banks strive to comply with give a significant … Continue reading

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Profiting from compliance: What is the value of an AML compliance program?

In this article, we outline some of the components of an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance program and briefly consider whether there are possible tensions, faced by firms, between the implementation of an effective program and the regulatory demands imposed upon … Continue reading

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Book Review: Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud

Norman Katz’ Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud encourages readers to engage in broader thinking about what constitutes the supply chain, and also highlights those inherent areas of weakness that accentuate fraud risk.  Particular focus is drawn to the consequences … Continue reading

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The court of public opinion: Winning the reputation battle during a crisis

  People get things wrong and they make bad judgments, it’s human behaviour.  And organisations are only as strong as their weakest human link.  Despite the corporate world spending more time and money than ever before on risk management and … Continue reading

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Victoria’s new anti-corruption commission

As part of the Australian State of Victoria’s s integrity reforms, the State has created its first anti-corruption commission. Two Bills representing the final legislative installment in the reforms were introduced into the Victorian Parliament at the end of 2012. … Continue reading

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