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Refining the art of corruption investigations and subsequent dismissals in China

              PART 1: Allegations, evidence and expecting the unexpected Real world examples Mr Wang (not his real name) headed the purchasing department for his division in a Shanghai based multinational advertising company.  He was also … Continue reading

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Physical security and anti-fraud security. Strange bedfellows or a match made in heaven?

Go on admit it, everyone’s done it.  On leaving your home you say to yourself, “Did I lock the door?”  You retrace your steps and ensure that the door to your home is secure.  Some would call this a “senior … Continue reading

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Developments in the British Virgin Islands that assist in the fight against fraud

A number of developments in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) have improved creditor access to the courts and their subsequent chances of recovering their funds.  These developments exemplify the evolution of the BVI as both a leading commercial centre and … Continue reading

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Positive Developments in El Salvador: Revised Anti-Money Laundering and Assets Act and Presidency of the CFATF

El Salvador suffers from a poor image when it comes to corruption and financial crime. The country scored only 39 out of 100 in Transparency International’s (TI) 2014 Global Corruption Index and only 3.8 out of 7 in TI’s 2013 … Continue reading

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Credit card fraud: Italy is confirmed as one of the safest countries for card payments

Legal framework Under Italian criminal law, there are two main legal provisions that prohibit fraud committed through the use of debit or credit cards: 1. Article 55(9) of Legislative Decree no. 231 of November 21, 2007 (which implements EC Directive … Continue reading

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Addressing global anti-corruption enforcement trends: how Statoil’s procedures meet changing challenges

          Statoil’s oil and gas exploration and production operations are conducted on the Norwegian continental shelf and further afield in countries around the world including Angola, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Libya and Mozambique.  In addition to its exposure … Continue reading

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Third party claims: What to do when you can’t make a claim against the fraudster

There are many reasons why a claim against the most obvious perpetrator of a fraud is either not possible or is unlikely to result in recovery by the claimant.  This could be because the wrongdoer cannot be traced, is based … Continue reading

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An introduction to cyber crime, security and digital intelligence

There are several factors determining the future shape of the cyber security landscape: The rise of the machine readable Web, also known as Web 3.0 Increasingly vast data storage Computer processing at light speed Increasingly advanced and persistent threats Slow … Continue reading

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One person’s gift, another person’s bribe: The challenge of giving gifts in China, Part II

In the second of our two-part series on giving gifts in China, we look at the rules and traditions surrounding the cultivation of bao (“social reciprocity”), through gift giving. This month, we look closely at the gift-giving rules that apply to PRC … Continue reading

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One person’s gift, another person’s bribe: The challenge of giving gifts in China, Part 1

Happy New Year! It was the week before Chinese New Year. The financial year had ended weeks earlier and unpaid invoices had made a dent in the annual performance of the small family business. For months, the foreign husband, a … Continue reading

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