Letter from the Editor, June 2016

In this issue, Rebecca Palser from the Risk Advisory Group explains how technology can help minimise risk in the compliance process, and what compliance professionals should look out for when selecting a platform.

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Nick Burkill

We would also like to invite all members and newsletter recipients to contribute a review of any of the following Routledge titles: The Changing Face of Compliance, Confronting Corruption in Business, Corporate Social Irresponsibility, Cyber Security, Fraud and Corruption in Public Services, In Pursuit of Foresight, The Origins of Ethical Failures, Security Culture, and The Tone from the Top.

If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact us. Click here and enter discount code AFN16 at checkout for Routledge’s 20% discount on anti-fraud titles.

Nick Burkill

About Nick Burkill

Nick Burkill is Co-head of Advocacy in the London office of Dorsey and Whitney and the co-chair of the firm’s Anti-Corruption Practice Group. He is ranked as one of the top commercial and fraud litigators in the UK and identified by the Chambers UK directory as an expert on the UK’s Bribery Act. He has extensive experience in domestic and international investigations and disputes concerning fraud and corruption. Nick is an accredited mediator, solicitor advocate and a regular speaker and commentator.

Contact Details:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7826 4583
Email: burkill.nick@dorsey.com

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