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David Farrell is Head of Risk Management and IT at BOC Aviation Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based, wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of China, one of the world’s leading banks. Founded in Singapore in 1993, BOC Aviation is one of the world’s leading commercial aircraft leasing companies, with more than 220 modern jet aircraft in service with more than 50 airlines worldwide. Mr. Farrell writes this review in his personal capacity.

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Book Review: Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide, Catherine Antoinette Raimbault and Anne Barr (Editors)

Managers are now facing business risks that seem closer to the domain of science fiction than anything one would see in business school texts or case studies. Since I started reading Emerging Risks: a Strategic Management Guide, we have witnessed … Continue reading

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Book Review: Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud

Norman Katz’ Detecting and Reducing Supply Chain Fraud encourages readers to engage in broader thinking about what constitutes the supply chain, and also highlights those inherent areas of weakness that accentuate fraud risk.  Particular focus is drawn to the consequences … Continue reading

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