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Is BAE Systems Too Big to Fail?: The Unintended Consequences of Anti-Bribery Investigations

It has often been said that truth is stranger than fiction. It is also true that the drama accompanying most international bribery investigations would provide a plot more interesting than some of the recycled storylines cobbled together by Hollywood screenwriters. … Continue reading

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The Italian Constitutional Court’s Rejection of the Immunity Law: A Comparative Analysis

On 7 October 2009, the judges of the Italian Constitutional Court voted by a majority that an immunity law passed in 2008 (Law number 124/2008, also known as the Lodo Alfano) was unconstitutional. The purpose of the law was to … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Corporate Intelligence: How to Be a User and Not an Abuser

The misuse of corporate intelligence (CI) has recently made an unwelcome return to the news. Allegations of improper practice and incompetence have turned the spotlight on the companies that use CI and on an industry that neither wants nor benefits … Continue reading

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The UK Gets Serious About Tackling Corruption

Three developments over the summer suggest that the United Kingdom may now be getting down to business in tackling problems of corruption. The UK has been criticised for years by, amongst others, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), … Continue reading

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The Future of Whistleblowing

Click here to take part in the survey The Madoff Ponzi scheme; HBOS; the NHS: in recent months the business pages have been filled with a positive orchestra of whistleblowers. Many organisations are following the lead of the World Bank … Continue reading

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“Reasonable Grounds” in Suspicious Matter Reporting—The UK and Australian Perspective

In a recent decision, the High Court of England and Wales discussed the requirement to report suspicious matters under the UK Proceeds of Crime Act. The Court rejected the argument that a suspicious matter report must be based on “reasonable … Continue reading

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Anticipated Trends in FCPA Compliance and Enforcement: The Obama Administration’s Challenges in a Worldwide Economic Crisis

The daily headlines heralding each new development in the global financial crisis serve as stark reminders of the extent to which our world and its diverse legal systems, economies and markets are interrelated intricately.  The ripple effect that flows from … Continue reading

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People, Your Weakest Link: Social Engineering Vulnerabilities

Following instructions Whilst most people consciously believe they are independent thinkers, the reality is that it is easy to get people to follow instructions. Last summer I was presenting at the annual British Computer Society (BCS) security conference in Birmingham. … Continue reading

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What Happened at Satyam?

Satyam Computers Services Limited (Satyam) is one of India’s largest IT companies and is listed on the Indian and US stock exchanges.  On 7 January 2009, the Chairman of Satyam, Mr. B. Ramalinga Raju issued a letter (the 7 January … Continue reading

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Echoes of the Corporate Frauds of Past Recessions

"If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts" Albert Einstein once suggested. This view has been adopted time and again by financial statement fraudsters who, particularly as economic prosperity wanes, present fictitious assets and understate liabilities whilst hoping … Continue reading

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