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The two cultures of corruption

A growing body of literature on the topic of corruption across all disciplines has built up increasingly sophisticated analyses of corruption from the viewpoints of studying corrupt countries, individuals, politicians, public servants, bureaucrats and business executives. An alarming outcome of … Continue reading

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Top tips for selecting and managing outside investigators

The work that top investigative services firms do for their clients is important and valuable; it can, must and will continue. But in too many instances, and for far too long, some investigators have been presenting their work as a … Continue reading

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He’s watching for a sign*: Working effectively with a Corporate Compliance Monitor

In the UK, a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) is an agreement between a prosecutor and a company–but not an individual–which the prosecutor is considering prosecuting for any one, or more, of a number of offences of financial crime as defined … Continue reading

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How technology can help minimise risk in the compliance process

It will be no surprise to anyone reading this that compliance is becoming increasingly complex. Research conducted by The Risk Advisory Group in late 2015 reveals just how complex, and the impact this is having on compliance professionals. Of those … Continue reading

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Risk-based due diligence: SMEs and low risk engagements

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly trading outside their local regions to access the opportunity and potential for high growth in emerging markets overseas. In Europe, for example, a survey authorised by the European Commission highlights that about half … Continue reading

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Decoding the Chinese anti-corruption watchdog’s reporting on state-owned enterprises

Crime or punishment? President Xi Jinping initiated a wide-ranging anti-corruption campaign soon after he was appointed general secretary of China’s communist party in 2012. The main targets of this campaign have been government officials and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The campaign’s … Continue reading

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Preventing fraud and financial crime: Part 1 – communication is key

In the fight against fraud, money laundering, and other financial crimes, there are a number of factors that stand out as recent developments and create new challenges. The regulatory landscape is becoming more crowded, and sectors other than finance are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Emerging Risks: A Strategic Management Guide, Catherine Antoinette Raimbault and Anne Barr (Editors)

Managers are now facing business risks that seem closer to the domain of science fiction than anything one would see in business school texts or case studies. Since I started reading Emerging Risks: a Strategic Management Guide, we have witnessed … Continue reading

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A new fraud: the impersonation of CEOs

One of the newest trends in fraud is the impersonation of a senior executive, such as a CEO, to induce an employee to bypass the usual procedures and transfer company money to a fraudulent recipient. CEO fraud preys on cultural … Continue reading

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Interview with Richard Bistrong

Nick Burkill: Richard, you have become well-known as an anti-corruption compliance consultant and speaker on the strength of your own personal experience as a sales executive selling in many parts of the world identified as having corruption problems, and as … Continue reading

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